Activating SIM Card

Please enter your SIM card number found on the back of SIM card.

The SIM Card number you entered is not correct. Please try again.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Make sure your phone is compatible with our network and that it's already unlocked by your provider. 4G LTE Network runs on the 1700/2100 Mhz (LTE) and 850/1900 Mhz (4G) frequency bands.

First, place the SIM Card into your phone, then follow the steps below:

By Phone

  1. Send a text "Ready" to 1-855-966-5656
  2. Please send a text of your SIM card number found on the SIM card. (Ex. 89122XXXXXXXXXXX)
  3. Please restart your device and start using your plan.

By online

  1. Visit WWW.SIMCANADAPREPAID.COM and click "Activate" menu
  2. Enter your SIM card number found on the SIM card (Ex. 89122XXXXXXXXXX)
  3. Please restart your device and start using your plan.

*You’ll receive a text with your SIMCanada phone number and the date and time when your plan will expire.

It depends on your device's make and model. Check your phone’s instructions for the location of the SIM card. SIMCanada is a 3-in-1 SIM card that includes standard, micro, and Nano sizes to fit your phone.

To check if your phone is locked, try one of the following:

Contact your Carrier

*If you bought your phone directly from a cell phone carrier, instead of purchasing from a manufacturer like Apple or Samsung, it is probably locked. In most cases, your carrier will unlock your phone.

Insert other SIM card

*If you insert your SIMCanada SIM card and get a 'SIM Error' or 'Activation required' message, your device is probably locked. Please contact your provider for more information on how to get your phone unlocked.

Please restart your phone again and check the list below to see if this is the problem:

  1. Your phone is locked: To unlock your phone, please contact your wireless carrier
  2. Check your SIM card: Open the phone's SIM slot and make sure that the SIM card is properly in place. The cut corner should fit into the tray.

*Need help? Once activated, we'll send you a text message confirmation. If you still are having problems, please contact us at

Did you activate the SIM card properly? If you're still having trouble using data, you may need to manually search for and connect to our network on your device.

  • Make sure that Mobile Data is on also try turn off airplane mode. Please restart your phone. If there is still no data, then follow this guide to set the APN settings with your network -

    • For Android devices

      • Go to Settings » Wireless & Networks » Mobile Networks » Access Point Names PRESS "MENU" BUTTON » NEW APN

        Manually type in the following information:

        APN Settings Telus

        NAME: SIMCanada
        APN: MMSC:
        Proxy Server:
        Port: 80
        MCC: 302
        MNC: 220
        Authentication Type: None

        *Click "MENU" button and "SAVE". After saving, please make sure the new APN (SIMCanada) is selected from the Access Point Names screen.

    • For Apple

      • Try to reset the network settings by using the following guide: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you've used before.
      • If you still can't use data, then please delete the previous profile by following these steps: Tap "Settings" on your iOS device, then tap General -> Profiles. Tap on the provisioning profile you would like to delete and then tap the "Remove" button. Once accepted, the provisioning profile will be removed from your iPhone.

No. You will not lose anything if you're just switching SIM cards. The only thing you will lose is roaming fees.

No. The number will assign you a random Canadian phone number to use when you activate your SIM card.

No. You can't change your SimCanada phone number once it has been assigned. If you are having problems with your SIMCanada number, please text "Help" to 1-855-96OKOKO(1-855-966-5656)

If you want to monitor your data usage, we recommend using the functionality built into your smartphone or text "Mydata" to 1-855-96OKOKO (1-855-966-5656) All plans have unlimited call and text in Canada.

We are a prepaid service, so that means you most likely have reached your data limit.

[Mon-Fri: 5AM-6PM PST] and [Weekends and Holidays: 9AM-6PM PST]

No. The service expires after the time allowed.

No. Once you are ready to leave you can throw away the SIM card. It automatically cancels on the expiry date. Don't worry about it!

Unfortunately, your SIM card has expired date. If you need extra days of service, you should purchase a new SIMCanada SIM card and activate it. Find out near of you.

Nope! SIMCanada is simple and easy access. We understand how troublesome signing up for phone service can be, we wish to bring convenience to all travelers in SIMCanada alike.

No. The number you've used with us will not be available again after the service has ended.

No. We are not related to your current mobile provider. Simply switch back to your previous SIM card and you'll resume using your service at no extra cost when you return home.

Absolutely! You have Canada-wide coverage on the best network. Although, the more north you go the harder it will be to get reception.

Absolutely! You have Canada-wide coverage on the best network. Although, the more north you go the harder it will be to get reception.

No. you must be in Canada to access our network so the service will not work outside of Canada.

Still did not get the answer? Text us at 1-855-96OKOKO 1-855-966-5656 or email

SMS Auto Message 1-855-966-5656
  • Text: "Ready"
    Send "Ready" to start the activation process.

  • Text: "mydata"
    To get your current data usage.

  • Text: "Help"
    To get assistance with your service.

Heres how to get ahold of us.